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I have always aspired to be involved in the fitness and health arena through sports training and exercise regimens. My past athletic experiences have allowed me to focus on my current goals of furthering my business venture. By focusing on the apparent obesity and health problems in our nation, I plan on making an impact through youth and professional sports training, public speaking, and adult fitness classes.

The company is currently seeking funding to build our athletic training facility and further develop our at-home service. The at-home service will allow clients to receive private sessions at their convenience. The facility will allow for the proper and effective training of athletes and elevate their performance. I am confident that as a result of my prior experience, I am prepared to accommodate both target markets. The first market consists of high school, collegiate and professional athletes and the second, women and men of all ages. Our goal is to provide the best training possible, using state-of-the-art equipment and effective workout programs.  We want to assist our clientele in achieving all their fitness goals and desired results.


Fabian Thorne Built 2 Last is dedicated and committed to the health, safety and advancement of all its clientele. By acquiring the proper facility and means to advance the business, we will be able to meet our ultimate success.


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