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Fabian is deeply committed to transforming lives by combining fitness and sports training with motivational wisdom. With over three decades of experience in sports and fitness, he's not just a motivational speaker and bestselling author, but also an influential leader in the field. His book, "You Just Don't Wake Up Strong," details his journey of overcoming obstacles, including conquering a disability.  


As an MVP and Delaware State Hall of Famer, Fabian's core message is about resilience, no matter what challenges life throws your way. Drawing from his background as an athlete, program director, and community leader, he connects with diverse audiences, inspiring both physical and spiritual growth.


Fabian's personal story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for anyone facing adversity. His authentic storytelling and practical advice resonate deeply, making him an effective messenger of the belief that you are Built2Last.


His impact has been profound, transforming the lives of celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and fitness enthusiasts alike. Fabian's approach extends beyond the gym, addressing mental, physical, and spiritual aspects to offer holistic guidance for personal growth. 


Built2Last goes beyond fitness, providing comprehensive training that nurtures every aspect of well-being. With nutritional guidance, spiritual enrichment, and physical transformations, Fabian equips his audience with the tools and support needed to excel in life and embrace their purpose.

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