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Athlete | Coach | Motivational Speaker

Fabian Thorne is a goal-driven businessman and mentor. A son, a husband, a father, a man on a mission to inspire not just boys and men, but everyone who has had a dream, a goal, a wish, or a hunger to be a better and successful person.

This spiritual, cheerful, caring, and focused child of God is also an athlete, a trainer, and an advocate for fitness.


Thorne is the owner, lead trainer, and nutrition expert of Built2Last Fitness Company. Fabian is a renowned motivational speaker and inspirational leader with over thirty years of experience in the sports and fitness industries, working with celebrities, athletes, entertainers, and fitness enthusiasts, and the proud owner of Built2Last, premium alkaline water.


Through his speaking engagements, Fabian has influenced thousands of youth by sharing a remarkable story of his life-long passion for fitness and the obstacles and challenges he overcame to pursue a career in football. Fabian gives back to various communities by working at local food pantries and gathering donations for placement in needy communities while taking lessons far beyond the gym.


Thorne is the Amazon Best Selling Author of the daily devotional and motivational guide, "We Grind Different ."His debut memoir, "You Just Don't Wake Up Strong," is a testament to his failures and successes in life, a remarkable story of triumph over a life-threatening illness.


This MVP and 2022 Delaware State Hall of Fame recipient continues to build his Built 2 Last brand through features in films that promote his Premium Alkaline Water and or his apparel line while also beginning to bring his story, Built2Last, to the big screen.


Fabian Thorne's ultimate message for anyone who has been through or is going through the trials and tribulations of life is never to give up; whatever your financial situation or social status, there is always a way to overcome your circumstances.

sustaining a place of relaxation for the mind is the key to success.


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